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By Murray Antypowich

It's taken me a year and a half to get this one done. I spent hours getting screen shots off the MechWarrior4 Vengeance start-up video to get my plans for this model. I then built masters of all the parts. I used SIL-MOLD SI-12 silicon to make all the molds and then cas tthe parts using POR-A-CAST MARK 2 resin. After building it it was primed with Testors primer and sanded to try to hide some of the many imperfections. I gave it many coats of Plasti-kote Bumper Crome Spay paint. After the crome dried I masked and painted the red using Dupli-Color METALCAST anodized surface color system. The base is a piece of ceramic tile. I should have given it a coat of flatener to take the shine off it.

Image: Rear Left view

Image: Backside

Image: Another rear Left view

Image: Closeup

Image: Upper torso from behind

Image: Cockpit

Image: Another front view

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