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The Fury

By J. Grey

The Fury was kitbashed from a Perry Rhodan model of a Glador fighter, a ton of crap from my spares box and about three sheets of styrene from ice-cream box lids that I pester everyone I know to give me. The ship is another design from ST Renegade. It is in 1/200 scale and is an unmanned perimeter patrol scout.

The idea is that three of them patrol together with constantly updated information passed between them on an coded subspace channel so they can better formulate an attack between them. They're armed with a full defensive phaser array and twin forward pulse phasers either side of the deflector array. The belly has an old style planetery observation array which while not so sophisticated is more reliable as these ships see little of the inside of maintenance hanger. They're equipped with an internal replicator array to self-repair most damage and two tubes to fire the micro-torpedoes that the Runabouts are equipped with.

The Model

In the real world hacking the Glador seemed a good idea at first but to disguise some of the detail proved harder that I thought. The warp grill at the rear is made from a series of small parts and internally lit with a maglight bulb that also lights the two upper impulse vents. The two blue things are warp field pods that stabilise the field. They're there because the beautifully-sculpted nacelles that took two weeks to form got trodden on and my patience ran out. The "subspace arrays" are there to give the ship some charisma and are designed to fold out as atmospheric stabilisers. The forward pulse phasers and bussard collectors are lit with LEDs as is the deflector and planetry sensor. The hull was decorated with styrene panels shaped to look reminiscent of the new style Starfleet hull armour and to add something to make it more interesting to look at. It was painted by hand and weathered fairly heavily for a Starfleet ship.

It came out fairly well but isn't exactly what I had in mind when I started. I'm quite happy with the result though.

Image: Aft dorsal

Image: Engines aglow

Image: Starboard bow

Image: Another plan view

Image: Firing phasers

Image: In formation

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